Benefits of working with us

JessJasonMusic is a small, affordable and classy addition to your party, wedding, get-together, bris, whatever you have in mind. We will add delicate enunciations to your occasion by taking whatever songs you prefer to be played, and transcribing them for classical guitar and violin. We play anything from Fleetwood Mac and Foo Fighters to Bach, Beethoven, Massanet, and Paganini. From the heart of two music majors who are both music educators, we offer well rehearsed and passionate music at a rate that won't break the bank (as I'm sure you've seen other string ensembles ask for).

What you get working with Jess & Jason

We are committed to providing customized service for your wedding or event. We offer in person, Skype or FaceTime sessions to help guide and discuss the details of your important day.

What makes J&J special?

Jessica and Jason are engaged--so they personally understand the commitment and efforts it takes to plan a special event. They also live together and are constantly practicing. 

Also, J&J does not just give you a selection of songs to choose from--they let you add on and pick your favorites. In fact, they encourage you to be creative with your selections.

On occasion, they have played selections from Star Wars, Tetris and even obscure video games!

Our Favorite Artists

We generally love most music, but we do have favorites and we enjoy listening to these guys quite a bit because they sound good for our instrumentation:

Fleetwood Mac

Rodrigo & Gabriela


J.S. Bach

Foo Fighters

Iron & Wine

Billy Joel

Stevie Wonder


& the list goes on and on..!

Where do Jess & Jason frequently play?

Jess & Jason have a variety of venues, but they play a large number of weddings. J & J also frequently play at the Robin's Nest in Mount Holly and at Dewey Beach in Delaware.